About me

Hey there, I’m supposed to say something about myself so here it is. I’m a Senior Mobile System Analyst at FocusCura, I’m a graduate of Digital Media Engineering from the German University in Cairo. Oh that’s right I’m from Egypt and no we don’t ride camels to work =P. I love all kinds of Music Except Metal i guess 🙂 I like watching movies and TV Shows like Friends/Game of Thrones/Prison Break/LOST/The Big-bang Theory/Fringe/Person of Interest… ahh that’s a loooong list =)

I play Tennis and Squash.. and I’m sorry to say i don’t like soccer… AT ALL… Well maybe I’m not that sorry 😀

I do some programming, photography, and video editing in my spare time (always trying to improve myself and widen my knowledge).

I’m passionate about almost everything related to technology!


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